My Brother Felix’s Photo Website

Just informed a few minutes ago by my brother Felix that he has set up his photo website which he hopes will attract people from the galleries.

For decades, he has been residing in the States and naturally his images are mainly photographs of the US environment.

To me, he is more of an artist than a photographer and I just wish him best of luck.

His website is :

To give you an idea of the flair of his photos, I have taken a screen shot of one of his photos on the website and hope you may like to peruse it.

The website is still a work in progress, but you can also follow his photos at Twitter@FLai1234

34 thoughts on “My Brother Felix’s Photo Website

  1. yes, I agree with you dear Michael, this is art . I loved the trees… amazing. Good Luck for him. Thank you for introduce. Seems that photography is your talent in the family. Love, nia

    • Thanks Nia for visiting my brother’s site. All three brothers have independently developed an interest in photography. We are all lazy, other forms of art can be difficult to learn and perform; photography by far, is easier πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sean, glad that you spend time looking at his site. I like his photos and think that they are more artistic than mine. My photos are mainly travel snap shots. Regards, Michael

  2. He has a beautiful portfolio, Michael. I especially enjoyed the Florida 1 and 2 and the Georgia photographs, being that is the area in which I live. I hope he has much success!

    • Thanks for visiting his site:-)
      I have never been in Georgia; hope one day, I will pay it a visit. Personally, I don’t think he can expect too much; in any case, this is something he finds happiness. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think he would like blogging. Recently, he has started Twitter linking to his Fine Art America site.
      You can also follow his photos at Twitter@FLai1234

  3. Suggest to your brother that he look at Instagram. My husband posts photos as ancienteagle01. His home page on Instagram links to his website. Instagram is proving to be a popular place to get exposure.

    The photo you have posted here is truly artistic. Good luck to him.

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