11 thoughts on “The Golden Footbridge at Ba Na Hills – My Trip to Central Vietnam was full of Interesting Footbridges; More to Come

  1. This is a lovely photo Michael and I love the structure of how the bridge is built. An architectural great indeed! Loved it and here is wishing you and your family gong x fa cai…happy lunar new year of the Pig and may good health, prosperity and happiness prevail.

    • Dear Garfield,
      Haven’t hear from you for a while ( except the latest on Vietnam guides); hope everything is fine with you.
      Have visited several footbridges, old and new, in this Vietnam trip. Will post them when I come to them.
      The hands holding the Gold Bridge is a brilliant idea. This is one of the reasons for me travelling to Central Vietnam this time.
      Best wishes for the Year of the Pig!

    • Fully understand. I saw your dedication of flowers to her. She must really love you alot for you to miss her so much. You are a filial son, even after she is in heaven. Bless you

    • Hi, she said she love us equally and dearly.
      I have been very close to her especially during the last few years. Our thinking are similar and I have great gratitude for her. I couldn’t believe what she has gone through during WWII and when our family was in adversity. I remain eternally grateful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It is good that your mum is lucid to know and express herself. For me and my parents, it has been tough. I may give my best, but I am unappreciated most times as the eldest and youngest are their favorites. In their twilight years, I am the only one struggling with their care and I do this out of filial piety and love for them but I know I am not appreciated. It is hard for me. To carry on and do it, is like my job – a thankless task.

    • For everything I did for mom, she would said “Thank you” that’s why she is always on my mind. There are millions of things mom had done for me when I was a baby / kid and I have not even said a word of thanks.
      I understand your situation, God will know what you are doing.
      Forgive the others – this is forgiving yourself as well.
      I know you already know what you are doing is exhibiting human nature to the fullest ๐Ÿ™‚

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