Dreaming of Asia

A wonderful post by my Brother which I would like to share …………..



Stolen kiss. Grandson G. at the Peranakan Museum, Singapore, 2017.

Asia eluded me. I was born in the Far East but left too young to really remember. I was then raised in Africa. Spent the rest of my life between Europe and the Americas. And I’m sorry to say, the evolution of Africa and Latin America in the past 50 years have left much be desired.

So, when circumstances made us pack the entire family, grandson included, to South-East Asia end of 2017, I was more than curious. What would Asia be like?


Guang-Zhou airport, 2017.


Cultural Revolution, China, c.1967. 50 years separate the two pictures. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita in East Asia and Pacific has tripled since 1990. In Guang-Zhou, the airport, the buildings we saw by the plane windows, the airlines,  did not exist 40 years ago. Impressive? Yes.



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