Notre Dame, livre deuxième

Have to reblog this highly researched and interesting article so that both parts appear in one place on the Reader; to provide continuity.


2 IMG_66471 IMG_1810

Notre-Dame, from Saint-Julien le pauvre. The sculpture is a fountain (c.1993) by Georges Jeanclos)

3 IMG_2161

The stryge. As mentioned before, (see first post), the chimeras on the Chemin de ronde between the towers are creations by Viollet-le-Duc. c.1844. The engraving comes from the book I found in the gutter and restored, a while ago. I’m not sure the Tour Saint-Jacques featured here can actually be seen from the Stryge.

3 IMG_2162-C

The stryge, 2018. The real view is marred by a wire-mesh. Most unfortunate. And it takes quite a while on Photoshop to eliminate it. The stryge comes from the ancient Greek strygx, a malevolent creature, half bird, half woman. They evolved into the Arabic Ghoul.

IMG_21723 IMG_6814My restored 19th century edition of Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo. I put the year of the book at around 1870.


Victor Hugo, Paris, 2018, near the Pantheon. This is a series…

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