Notre Dame qui êtes aux cieux

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Our Lady who art in heaven…

2 IMG_6730-A

Notre-Dame in 1482, as seen in ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’, by Victor Hugo. A long, long time ago, I found this old book in the gutter, downstairs from my parents’ flat in Paris. The cover was gone. I opened the book, saw the engravings, picked it up and brought it home. It took a bit to restore, glue some pages together, put on a new cover pasting the leather cut off a derelict leather armchair I bought at the flea market. But finally the book was alive again. Bound anew.

2a IMG_6637

Notre-Dame de Paris was published in 1831. Hugo was 29. This edition is probably 1870-1875, based on some of the drawings. You can see the main cast: Esmeralda, Phoebus, Frollo, Quasimodo. And the writing on the wall: Anagké or Ananké.

3 2016-07-27 15.00.48“Les sanglots longs des violons de l’automne

Bercent mon coeur…

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