The Island of Truth and Lies

Reminds me so much of the Bali I visited and love …………..

Wish I Were Here

Bali, Indonesia – March 2019

I am in the void. Conscious and floating on my back. A copper shimmer traces infinity in the blackness above me. It spins into two eyes. They lean close and stare into mine. Shiny pennies. I catch my breath. Unfurl, exhale. Okay. Look. I’ve got nothing to hide. The gaze is curious, amused. Familiar.

I move my lips in the softest whisper. “Who are you?” The eyes recede into the murk. The spell is broken. A languid ascent from sleep’s abyss. “You are me. Aren’t you.”

I pull the mosquito net aside and rise from the bed. Step outside into the dawn sunshine. Swim through liquid air. A delicious glow has invaded my atoms since my arrival in Bali. Wicked intoxication. It feels just a little too good. I float into the dining area and lower myself onto a cushion, still unable to speak.


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10 thoughts on “The Island of Truth and Lies

    • Do it and let me know. I’m afraid to. It was just so idyllic the first time, when I was there for a month or so. So unspoiled. In 1996, Kuta Beach was unbearable but Ubud was still a paradise. We were planning on moving there but circumstances intervened and by the time we were ready to retire, we moved to Mexico instead.

    • Bali is very touristy and, in my view, is not to suitable for living. If I am going there, I will spend most of my time in Ubud, just for touring only 🙂 You have made the right decision of not living there.

    • There was a town in the far north that had the best snorkeling I’ve ever seen. Incredible..Trying to remember the name. Even in 1996 we were the only people staying in the “motel” type accommodation right on the beach. I think it was Singaraja.

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