The Enchanted Wild Wood at Portmeirion

This post by Liz is brilliant – it shows the beauty of nature and the village at Portmeirion, Wales which I have the chance to visit in 1997. Hope I will have the chance to revisit it one day . . . . . . . . .

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Discover the impressive natural landscape surrounding the Italianate Village of Portmeirion, which is the brainchild of the visionary architect Clough Williams Ellis.  The subtropical forest known as “Y Gwyllt” [Welsh for Wild Wood] is a magical wonderland which includes 70 acres of woodlands with 19 miles of pathways which cut through forests, secret spaces and coastal coves.

We began our exploration by taking the little train up to a vantage point with amazing views down to the village and across the Dwyryd Estuary.

IMG_5610Leaving the train, we began our adventure with the Chinese Lake and its surrounding kaleidoscope of colour.

Clough’s daughter, Susan, was responsible for the development of the enchanting Chinese Garden. She supervised the landscaping and was responsible for designing and siting the ornate bridge as well as the pagoda.  

IMG_5627IMG_5642IMG_5653IMG_5657IMG_5658IMG_5661IMG_5673IMG_5680IMG_5688IMG_5677IMG_5708IMG_5709IMG_5679IMG_5662IMG_5695IMG_5705IMG_5719IMG_5718We made our way through the woods, climbing higher up meandering pathways until we reached the Dog’s Cemetery.  The Cemetery was established…

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