The Garden where Rainbows Grow…….

Rhododendrons are my favorite flowers.
I have never seen them in so many colors. This post by David contains a collage of beautiful photos not to be missed by any flower lovers ⋯⋯⋯



Lea Rhododendron Garden, Lea near Matlock, Derbyshire

It is that time of the year when we make our annual visit to Lea Rhododendron Gardens….  and each year it so very different, nature see to that. Some years it is the Azalea that are dominant others the Rhododendron take pride of place. Even the Rhododendrons vary there offering, some years big blousy blooms, other years the more delicate flower heads. Then you have years were the ‘hot’ colours are the strongest and others just cool it down a touch….every year is different

This year the Azaleas appear to have be making up there minds.  Some are on the turn other have yet to burst.

No matter it is still a riot of colours and living up to its Rainbow tag.



I guess the most noticeable change over all they years we have visited is that apart from all the shrubs themselves…

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4 thoughts on “The Garden where Rainbows Grow…….

  1. That’s a magnificent display of rhododendrons. If I recall correctly, the best display I’ve ever seen is in Kew Gardens.

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