Really like the interior of the Oculus as captured by Neihtn2012. Make me wanting to go there to have a close look . . . . . . . . .


Oculus is the name of the World Trade Center station in New York City completed in 2016. Today I went there for the first time to take photographs from different angles of the wonderfully striking building. However, I forgot to bring a spare battery for my camera, which cut drastically short that plan. In the end I was only able to take the following shots.

Oculus, outside.



Oculus, inside.



One of these days, I will have to make another trip to the city to take other photos of the rest of Oculus and the World Trade Center, with at least one spare battery.

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2 thoughts on “Oculus

  1. Interesting to see how they rebuilt it. I never saw pictures of the new train station. I just remember hearing how the old train station was destroyed when the 2 towers collapsed.

    • I was there some months after 911 with people seemed to be in a sad state; this is the first time I see the pictures of the new station.

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