small city with a big soul – hong kong

I like Viveka showing the other aspects of Hong Kong, apart from the high rises and the CBD, which has impressed on the minds of so many people, regardless of whether they have visited the place or not. You will be impressed by the range , quality and price of food here too . . . . . . . .


It lives around 7,5 million people in Hong Kong! So I suppose looking at cities like Manila, Istanbul, Tokyo, Moscow and Shanghai … is it a small city.  But compare to Stockholm with it nearly 1 million is it big.

After our well-needed nap … after our’s 24 hours awakening. We came back to life around 5pm and it was time to get ready for Hong Kong by night.

We started our evening with a Mojito that we ordered at the hotel’s bar & restaurant. They cost me one arm and it was the worst Mojito ever. They had forgotten the sugar stock???!!! But we decided to suffer through it up on the roof deck on 40’s floor. To get there we had taken the life from the restaurant on 38’s floor down to the reception and there take the special lift up to the roof.

Breathtaking view over the harbour…

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