10 thoughts on “The Lights are on at a Downtown Hotel

  1. 14th of June 1979 … did I check at this hotel for 7 nights, it looked a bit different in those days … the towers weren’t there and I was picked up with a Rolls Roy for free … today I would have to pay for that service. They were cappuccino coloured then .. they are dark green today. I’m sure the high standard and luxury are still there at the Grande Dame of Asia. Amazing hotel.

    • Yes, Viveka, it is the Pennisula. I read your previous article about you staying there in the 1970s.
      What happened was that it was expended. The front part remains unchanged; but high rise is added to the back, with helicopter pads on the top. So, in fact, you can arrive at the hotel roof top via helicopters.
      Maybe two decades ago, their fleet of Rolls was almost completely written off by typhoon flood waters while they were parked at the basement. Not sure, they have completely been replaced.
      I did spend some afternoons there having high tea 🙂

    • Their afternoon tea in the lobby … is classic and top class. Only done it ones when I stayed there. My room only cost 500HK$ then. I love those RR – stunning color and they took me to the old airport too. FREE!!! Sad to read about the typhoon flood and lost of the cars. I think they had 8 in total then. Yes, I read an article about the new RR and seen the photo of them inside out. Stunning … but the old color was better.

  2. I loved this piece of art from Janet Echelman on the Peninsula building. ( My post in relation to that in Hungarian is over here-https://hospitella.wordpress.com/category/the-future-holnap/) I think The Peninsula is a truly remarkable hotel and it is a great inspiration for any hotelier around the world. I had the opportunity to visit in the end of last year before New Year’s eve and the atmosphere was incredible yet super sophisticated and elegant. I hope to visit again in the future. 🙂

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