14 thoughts on “Recent Architecture in Hong Kong

    • I have to reiterate again:
      1. My photos are stored in WordPress’s Media which are controlled by them, not me.
      2. I have not even sent you one single photo and I don’t have any of your account information.
      3. If you want to make a complain, please complain to WordPress who is holding my photos.
      4. There is no point in writing to me again. I am unable to take any action.
      5. So far, you have not produced any details of my sending you any of my valuable photos which are copy righted.
      In case, as you alleged, you are receiving my photos, please delete them immediately, as they are not your property.
      6. I will not make any further response as it is a waste of time.
      7. Please don’t send me any more messages.

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