6 thoughts on “Lily Pad

  1. quick question, mike. is it ok to visit hongkong nowadays? do you think the protests will run till end of august? i had earlier booked a flight to hongkong, not realizing that the unrests might spillover to septmber.

    • The protest will go on for months, I guess.
      They are mainly held on Saturdays and Sundays and may turn violent after dark.
      If your visit is short and not over the weekend, then it is probably OK.
      They have a schedule of the places they will protest but only locals are aware, if u have friends here they can probably advise which place not to visit.

  2. Michael I am not sure if you have heard the discussions here on WP about our posts being hijacked and posted without our permission on tygpress.com I just checked and your pictures are there as well. I think it is basically ALL of WP that is on there. Thought you might want to know. Not sure what can be done about it. It is very frustrating!

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