15 thoughts on “Poor Dog in a Car in Athens reflecting the Poor State of Economy

    • Wow, 7 island … how nice. You been away from most of the demonstrations then, great move. It must have been hot in Greece??? Looked at hotel prices in HK just now … nearly free.

    • I really hope so for Hk and for it’s people, because I’m concerned about one of my absolute favorite cities. Just terrible what happened on the airport. Violence doesn’t lead to anything … more than more violence, when are we ever going to learn that????

    • The protest has been high jacked to become one of anti-China protest using violence. These guys have reporters and foreign aid on their side.
      The violence is about to end; though the issues remain.
      Not even one person is killed. The police has been extremely lenient. In a more westernized country, I am sure it would have resulted in many deaths.
      One of their aims is to destroy the tourism industry; so hotels rates are now down to a few hundred HK$ per day and Intercontinental has to cut staff!

    • Yes, I have check!!! No, price drop with them … but I think they have to keep their prices because they have to keep up their appearance.

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