12 thoughts on “Water Lilies – a Gallery

  1. I think that before I went (back) to Asia, and before I got to know Chinese friends such as you, I never paid attention to water lilies. 🙂
    Now I do. There is an endless variety. Would that be an endless variety of Peace?

    • Like the water lilies when reading a Chinese poem about them during lower forms, my like has strengthened after seeing Monet’s pictures at museums and seeing the real thing in various botanical gardens. Not sure whether there is any Peace – an interlude between wars and riots – only inner peace, I suppose.

    • True. You can write a chines poem while looking at them. I can’t. 🙂 And yes, Monet comes to mind. I think he understood the flower.
      Now Peace? At the rate things are going only inner Peace will be accessible. 🙂
      You two take care.

    • The water lily is a flower which has a straight ( righteous ) stalk, glowing out of muddy waters, not pretentious, good for appreciation etc ; so the poem goes.
      We can only seek inner peace while the world is in turmoil.
      Bro, you take care too 🙂

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