Plaka – An Unusual Encounter

Plaka is without a doubt the most picturesque neighborhoods in Athens, with its narrow and winding streets, lovely neoclassical buildings, small cafes, traditional taverns, souvenir shops and ancient ruins in almost every corner.

It has a totally different atmosphere than the rest of the city center, creating a feeling of nostalgia of the old Athens.

Even though it is very commercial and popular with tourists, it is the ideal place to enjoy a nice walk, as there are plenty of things to do and see, while strolling around its streets and alleys.

My wife and I were happily strolling in the area of Plaka, Athens.

We took great interest in seeing the street art and graffiti in the area.

So we walked up and up the hill roads where there were street art on the walls bordering the road, without realizing that we have reached an area where there were few people around.

Three young local guys suddenly approached us. One has a map in his hand and asked us how to get to the hill top. When he was asking us, his hand reached out under the map towards my wife’s carrier bag slung in the front. Immediately, I pushed my wife away from his hand and shouted in a loud voice that he should just continue walking up.

They realized I was aware as to what they were trying to do and left us.

We have a narrow escape. With that, we quickly walked downhill towards the more populated areas.

Cat at Plaka

The lesson is don’t walk to areas there are few people around!