10 thoughts on “Morning Dew on Lily Pad

    • Glad that you are still designing and posting your designs. It’s always a pleasure to see your works.
      I lost my mom 2.5 years ago and wife is having some health issues. Other than these, I am still continuing my life with travelling, photographing, writing Chinese calligraphy, playing table tennis, hiking etc.
      Some of my readers also told me that WP removes their follow. They came back and lost again. i really don’t know what happens.
      Best wishes, Michael

    • Sorry with you mom and I wish your wife the best, Michael.
      Good to hear, that you continue to do things, as make you happy.
      When I was sick about 2,5 years ago and away for a long time from WP, I both lost readers, but worse so many of the blogs, as I did follow too. Take care!

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