12 thoughts on “Butterflies at Ubud, Bali

    • The two characters do not pronounce a lot differently. For whu, try pronouncing without the w sound.
      Both characters are made up words ( rather than figurative), both have an insert symbol on the left hand side.

    • I have looked up the Mandarin phonetics dictionary, it should be hu’ die’ with a rising note. Please note they are Romanized and not English.
      In HK, up to the time of writing, there are 14 confirmed cases. People, including me, are looking for health masks. They are out of supply. With a population of 7 million, theoretically, you need a few million masks in several days, if they all go out and dispose one mask per day. China is busily manufacturing for its own.
      My Amazon order for masks has been cancelled.
      I understand that they are available in Indonesia, but do not know how to get them.
      Australia has hill fires and have consumed millions of masks and now not available. Chinese people have bought most masks in Vancouver / Toronto, therefore they are also not available. Things are in chaos as medical people wants to go on strike.

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