10 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. The orange one I think is called the Ada aurantica, shortened to β€œthe Zada plant”.

    My youngest daughter asked me last night if there were any flowers with her actual name in them (I’m always calling her sweet pea, blossom, petal etc). And waddaya know, we found the Ada aurantica flower. And serendipitously here it is the next day in YOUR blog. Thankyou!!

    • Hi Doctor Shari, I am glad that you write.
      Thanks for letting me know the name of the flower.
      I am planning to go to Kyoto in late March to see the blossoms πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely orchids, Michael πŸ˜€
    I brought all of my orchids from Denmark, when I moved into Spain 7 years ago. Unfortunately all of them died because of the dry heat here. We also had 3 heat waves in the 2 months and then they died and I had about 32 of them.

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