10 thoughts on “Rare Sight – Flowers of Bamboo

  1. How pretty! Individually they look like the little Indian bells hippies used to wear! 🙂
    How are you, Michael. Are you well and coping okay in these bad times?

    • Hi Val, I am fine. Although we can no longer travel overseas and there is lots of social restrictions, I can still do my morning hike which is valuable to me.
      Thanks for the kind words and thought.
      Best wishes to you and take care 🙂

  2. Why, I never thought they had flowers! I never got close up to look at them real good. It is good that you are still able to enjoy your walks, Michael! I go out every afternoon myself. Take good care. We are in lockdown yet.

    • Yes, the same with me. Good that you go out every afternoon; everybody need going out to get away at least temporary from home. God bless and take care 🙂

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