14 thoughts on “A Water Lily a Day Chases my Blues Away 2

    • These orange water lilies may not open up even on the following day. I have the experience of bringing my camera there and found that they just closed up or submerged in water the next day. The white lilies are more predictable. I have posted some of the white ones in my blog; also some lotus in Shikoku too. You may want to use the Search function in my blog to see them 🙂

    • Wow!! I just checked out the white lotuses that you took in Shikoku! They’re beautiful 🤩, and the photos were so high quality! How do you know when’s a good timing to take pictures of the lilies?

    • The white water lilies are local. I take a walk which passes by the lily pond almost ever day, so I know when they blossom.
      I may have not have said clear enough, the lotus ( not lily) I photographed are pink and are in the Ritsurin Garden of Shikoku. You may want to search again under the keyword Ritsurin.

    • That’s really cool!! Must be amazing to walk by lilies and be with nature, especially during these awkward days! I also saw your post, and great photography as usual 😉

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