14 thoughts on “Double Mushrooms in the Tree Hole

    • You are right.
      This year, I am seeing more mushrooms than previous. I guess the humidity is high. The tree hole offers a suitable environment to grow. 🙂

    • This year is especially humid and hot. Mushrooms are springing up so are the flowers.
      I wont be surprised that dormant virus have become alive; a result of climate change?

    • Took a course in thermodyanmics 1972-1973 when change in entropy was the main topic.
      Unfortunately, entropy would mainly be on the increase and many forms of energy just become heat ultimately.

    • Our earthly activities will always increase the entropy; some people seem to say some natural processes like photosynthesis can do the reverse.
      I believe the world as a heavenly body is cooling ever since it was formed. However, I don’t know what is the rate of cooling. In my simple mind, I think if our rate of heating up of the earth is less than the rate of the earth’s cooling, we should maintain our status quo. The melting of the icebergs etc suggest to us that we have overdone. We are already in Summer, we have one hurricane coming within 700km of us last week. Hope the hurricanes affecting us this Summer is not super!

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