8 thoughts on “Long Exposure Photo of the Hong Kong Harbor at Sunset from my Brother Bernard

  1. I am remastering my mother’s 8mm movies. Just did Singapore 1952. HK 53 is soon in line. I’ll send you the link as soon as I have it. It will be very different from now!

    • That will be exceedingly interesting, as you know I was born 53. I always wonder what it was like before I know the place, Looking forward to it, my bro 🙂

    • It should be. Haven’t seen the movie in years, but if I recall there are no high-rise buildings. Just finished Singapore ’52. It is amazing.
      Take care bro.

    • Don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get to the movie. It’s taking me close to a fortnight to fully remasterize a 30′ reel. Complete with editing and audio. A perfect confinement aactivity. Cheeers bro

    • Haha! More or less. The process is very tedious. And you can’t really let the machine working. The film gets stuck. Breaks. Have ti repair it, etc… Then the editing is quite heavy too. Need like 3 different softwares. The final part is nice, the “montage” of everything, with the audio. I will let you know when I “get to HK. Have a nice week bro.

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