10 thoughts on “Still Missing You, Mom, after Three Years

    • Another strange thing happened today, A really large butterfly flew and sat in front of me and let me photographed her. A watch man saw this happened and approached me saying how queer this has happened and I told him it may be my mom. In the Chinese culture, she said she can believe in it.
      I am still thinking a lot about my mom as our tie has been very strong.
      Thanks for your kind words, bro.

    • You have told me about butterflies. It may well have been a visit from your mom. Last week, we took a week away, in a house we rented 2hours away from Mexico. Large house, garden, pool, with all the family. A large white butterfly visited every day of the week…

    • Hope you and your family had a good break.
      The big butterfly I saw was black on one side and light color on the other; a species I have not seen around in my area.
      The good thing this time is a watch man ( in fact, a lady) watched the whole process and came to me saying the butterfly seemed to have come to me and let me photograph ( with my vintage iPhone and not enough light).
      Butterflies are really beautiful . . . . . . .

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