24 thoughts on “Progress on My Calligraphy

    • This is a special kind of composition where you write characters close together, vertically and horizontally, this method is said to be like random pebbles covering the whole pavement.
      Ideal time for practicing calligraphy in a lockdown.

    • Recently, I have been imitating Xu Wei 徐渭 ‘s works and mount them up. To me, he is a Chinese version of Van Gough, a bit mad and have been hurting himself in the ears and in the body.
      I do not expect my readers to know about him.
      I count myself fortunate to have some body who can recognize his works.
      Many thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

  1. I studied at the Uni of ShaoXing (LanTing Academy of Calligraphy) and visited Xu Wei’s studio and his tomb. He is a still a big name in the city (among others of course). I made a special study of his work , your copy is excellent.

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