6 thoughts on “Three Gorges – Cruising down the Yangtze

    • Not all at once, or at least in close sequence? I’d like to get a sense of the whole trip..You must do as you wish, however…just voicing my desires! I have a think about the Yangtze, the Huang Ho and the Yellow Rivers. For some reason they stood out above all other facts in my early study of Geography. Now, looking them up, I see that the Yellow River is the Huang Ho, so that leaves me with curiosity about just the two.

  1. Gosh! I thought the Three Gorges were dammed some years ago for electrical power development and much land alongside the Yangtze back-flooded. Were you traveling upriver of the dam?

    • There are ship locks which are able to lift/ lower ships pass the dam. You are right, I was travelling on the upper part – which unfortunately were more immersed in the water.

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