4 thoughts on “The Tree and Fountain at Geneva

  1. now that you are a writer sir, with experience as your pictures show,it would be nice to compare retirement way back when your parents were younger, and today, the rate of the change, would be interesting to read; had they pensions back then?

    • My dad passed away at 66, 10 years after I started work. He had no pensions.
      My mom worked as a housewife, passed away 3.5 years ago. She never have any pensions.
      My parents’living depended mainly on us.
      Things did change quickly when HK took off economically since 1970/1980s.

    • yes, things are a little more advanced, what was hidden is revealed daily. Hong Kong is in a squeeze,but I think it’s a case of failure to put in words, the way things can positively change, amen.

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