6 thoughts on “Missing Mom on Mothers Day

  1. You are a good son Michael as over the years in reading your posts, you always remember your late mother. My mum is 88 years old and getting very frail and hard of hearing. I am impatient and she riles me badly with her caustic comments at times. But in my heart, I love her. It will be sad when the time comes to bid her farewell. Take care my friend in HK.

    • Hi Garfield,
      I am glad that you write.
      There must be a special reason why mothers are mothers.
      Given her age, there is no chance that she will change her character or her attitude towards us. So, just let it be.
      Love her in your heart and forgive her.
      For her, time is getting short, just make her feel as comfortable as possible.
      By doing so, you will feel happier too.

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