14 thoughts on “Relaxed . . at Chimelong

    • Yes.. this was certainly true in Bali in the Monkey Forest. I learned not to carry a purse or anything when I entered it. I once took postcards to write on and a monkey grabbed them out of my hand and bit them. My stepkids were thrilled to get postcards with a set of monkey teethmarks in them! In Africa, the monkeys were calmer. One once sat on my shoulder and searched my hair for fleas!!!

    • Problem starts with people feeding them with food. In a season where there is insufficient food in the natural environment, they will look for food in humans.🐡

    • Yes. I was very careful about that but just couldn’t stay away. I loved observing them–their cultural patterns and the mothers with their babies.

  1. Monkeys are aggressive. anywhere. Looking for food as you say. Now, I didn’t remember that you’d seen Orang utans. Must be quite an experience. πŸ‘πŸ»

    • The monkey population is in a balance with nature if they take food only from nature.
      Human disturbs the balance by feeding them which leads to an artificial population growth which cannot be sustained if people feed them less during winters etc. They then aggressively look for food from human.
      This picture was taken in a safari park. It was, as you say, quite an experience πŸ™‚

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