The Story of the Red Whiskered Bulbul (Part 2)

Can’t believe it happened again. After 1.5 months of laying 3 eggs, the bulbuls have come back again, to the same pine tree, same location and rebuilt a nest.

It didn’t take them a lot of time to rebuild the nest. It was totally redone in two days. The nest looks more sturdy and deeper this time. Also, the entrance is a bit smaller.

Same as last time, on each consecutive days and for 3 days, the female laid 3 eggs.

The parent is now resting in the nest, incubating the three eggs.

The story is going to repeat itself. In about 10 days time, the chicks will come out from the shells. The parents will restlessly feed them and the chicks will grow very quickly, developing feathers and then finally, they will come out of their nest and learn to fly. . . . . .

PS While I believe the bulbul parents were the ones who came and laid three eggs 1.5 months ago, I still have some doubts in my mind that whether they can recover so quickly from the last eggs laying etc.

8 thoughts on “The Story of the Red Whiskered Bulbul (Part 2)

    • Understand birds are more faithful than animals. Will never know whether the bulbuls are the same as the ones appearing 1.5 months before. The intriguing thing is that they have built a nest on the same tree at exactly the same spot on the tree. 🙂

  1. I think bird metabolism is much faster than mammals. Probably why they recover so fast. The fact that they rebuilt their nest in the exact same spot makes it 97.235% sure it’s them. 😉

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