10 thoughts on “Red Dragonfly

    • Yes, red is the color for Chinese.
      I am seeing dragonflies of blue, red and the more common orange these days. HK is becoming warmer, I suspect other species are coming in.
      I am OK, touch wood.
      Hope all is well with you too 🙂

    • Blue is mainly for pottery and death related ornaments.
      We are now in a crazy world with so much false information, systematically pretending to be real and can be trusted!

    • Crazy is the appropriate word.
      Blue for death? How amazing? I didn’t know. But surely all the delicate blue Chinese pottery is outside of that relation, right?

    • Blue is related to sadness.
      The blue in pottery was possibly imported from countries beyond the western boundary.
      Blue lanterns are hung at the doors to signify death of a family member,
      There is so much misinformation around.
      Take care!

    • very interesting. Blue is a positive colour in the West. I didn’t know about the blue lanterns. In Mexico they place a black ribbon tied in a sort of “Lavallière”.
      White in the West is a symbol of purity. (Hence wedding dresses), while I understand in Vietnam (and China maybe?) white is the colour of grief.
      I like our exchange of symbols. No misinformation there. Be good Bro

    • White is the dress color in funerals; whilst black may also be adopted.
      I have digressed a bit on misinformation; I mainly refer to the news on the current war / cause/ responsibility etc. Regards, Michael

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