2 thoughts on “Tree and Clouds

  1. There’s a polished aluminum tree sculpture at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts that looks much like this. I wish I could attach a photo of it! The aging of the bare tree is frozen in that moment of time when we wonder if it’s on its last breath or gathering energy for yet one more springtime. The optimist hopes for the latter, the realist knows it’ll be what it will be, and the pessimists among us think death has already come. I’ll always vote for the first two! Thanks for filling my WordPress feed with beauty.

    • This is a tree which I photographed every year.
      It was entangled and covered by vine. I was worried that the vine will eventually took over the tree causing its demise.
      It didn’t. The government’s forestry team recued it.
      It will survive and I am optimistic about it.
      Regards, Michael

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