Why I No Longer Allow People to Reblog My Posts

I have now deleted the Reblog button and added a Page  known as ” Don’t Reblog My Posts”

Please do not reblog my post.

Apologize for this; this is not to my liking.

The reasons for the dislike include:

  1. There is a blog which reblogs almost all my posts, trying to duplicate mine.
  2. While some reblogs publish my avatar and link back to my site; some reblogs only have wordings which suggest the post was BY the Reblogger and I am only credited for the photo as a Source.
  3. Some blogs now have loose the meaning, they do nothing other than reblogging other people’s posts. I do not encourage this non creative way of blogging.
  4. There was one blog who used to reblog my posts onto his so that he can make money out of his advertisement.

In case there are posts you really like to reblog, please communicate with me and I will look into it case by case.

Below is a relic found in the Terracotta site in Xian.

HuaShan – the Steepest Mountain in China

I told myself that I needed a break.

Mom has passed away for over two months; I need to get away so that I won’t just sit here mourning over her passing.

My wife has arranged this somewhat difficult trip for the two of us.

We were to fly to Xi’an, China.

The two main destinations that we were to visit included the Terracotta Army and the HuaShan mountains.

The HuaShan mountains are very steep with several of its peaks at over 2000 metres above sea level.

The lowest Northern peak reaches a level of over 1600 m.

The trails mainly consist of very steep and narrow stairways.

The tread widths are very small, many visitors have to ascend / descend in a side way manner while holding onto steel chains mounted on the side.

These endless steps continues for hours, overstressing the leg muscles.

When we reached the mountains, the temperature was less than 10 degrees Celsius.

It rained in the last few days and when we started the sky was overcast.

The rain has made the steps and the narrow mountain rocky ridges slippery and very difficult to negotiate.

What we didn’t expect was that the sky gradually cleared up and what appeared before our eyes was a sea of clouds penetrated by the mountains.

We were there at the right place and the right time.

The above is one of the many pictures with fascinating clouds I have taken; please enjoy.





Open Fields in Black and White

I like wide open spaces.

Especially those with white cloud, blue sky and wide open fields.DSC_0265

The picture here  was taken while travelling in the Baltic.

This is my ideal kind of picture for wide open fields . . . . . . . . . .

this is just so idyllic!