An Award Free Blog

Thank you for thinking of me in the nomination of awards; this is much appreciated.

The amount of time I can devote to blogging has to be balanced with my other personal and family commitments.

While I enjoy writing new posts and reading other people’s blogs; I do not have time to respond to nominations as it could be quite time-consuming.

Apologize that I will not be responding to all future nominations.

Thanks for showing your support for my work by giving your comments and the “likes”  🙂

53 thoughts on “An Award Free Blog

  1. I’ve missed out on accepting several awards. Not that I don’t appreciate them as you do, I’m sure. However it takes me hours to go through the technical aspects of accepting them. I’ve as yet not put out a statement as you have, but I still might. Love your photos, btw… 🙂

  2. Hi Michael,
    I understand you don’t accept awards but I see that you like challenges. I am participating in the 2013 Capture the Color contest and need to nominate five bloggers. You are free to join or not but it might be fun and since you have such beautiful photos, you can easily be a winner! Cheers, Angela

  3. Well, I nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. I didn’t know you were award free. Just know that your support and your blog are appreciated. 🙂

  4. Though I have yet to receive an award, I agree with your stance. I believe following and the occasional comment is enough.

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    • Hi,
      I am flattered by what you said about me. However, everything you said about me and my blog are correct. It is not my intention to derive any financial benefits or awards from my blogging; I write it entirely out of interest and in the hope that I may leave something, maybe as a gift, to my readers. My blog is the only documentation of my travels. My post on North Korea does not have any photos as we were forbidden to take any photos at the time. It is also correct that all photos on my blog are clickable and you can see them at a larger scale.

      I am glad that you like my blog and introduce it to your readers. In this festive time (Chinese New Year), I wish you great health, happiness and peace in this year of the Horse!

      Many thanks,


  6. Greetings Sir,

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog. As you see, it is a precious baby that I am nurturing to adulthood. Any advice you have is always welcomed. Your site is gorgeous, as has been made known to you.

  7. I totally agree with your decision on blog ‘awards’. As a rookie blogger, i looked at awards and thought how cool. Then I got nominated and discovered they are basically the old chain letter game, designed to build up a ‘following’, and I ignore all requests. My writing is a life long hobby. My blog is made up of stories in my past, something I leave to my grandchildren. I don’t need awards to keep me going. PS: Nice blog.

    • Hi, I concur. While not wasting my own time for finding the persons and spreading the chain letter, I think time could be more usefully/ appropriately spent on other things. It makes more sense if there are only one / or small number of awards each year, nominated and voted by readers. Regards, Michael

    • Haha, for the reason that I wouldn’t want to do anything with awards that I prepared this page, but still people seem to ignore and want to involve me in the awards!

  8. While I realize you will not be continuing this the nomination I will make, I think you should know that I will make it anyway because your blog is one that does inspire me! 🙂 Have safe and lovely travels. 🙂

  9. Thank you for checking out my new blog “Sunset Gypsies”. I have enjoyed returning the favor. Your photography is breathtaking. Via your excellent images, I have just finished a trip through the Balkans. I am impressed with your command of language and writing skills and will be pleased to be an avid follower. I’m so glad you were brought to my attention. There are so few blogs of this quality.

  10. Hi Michael,
    After the fact I noticed that you are an award free blogger. Sorry about that. However, you are deserving of many awards. I sent you the Liebster Award.

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