City Blue

Over the weekend, I have been playing around with some of my city photos, giving them a blue tint.

I must admit that in fact I like the one with blue tint than the original photo.

This is one of the photos showing the night scene of Hong Kong Island and the Victoria Harbour.DSCF2048B

Please enjoy ūüôā

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra

This week’s Photo Challenge is “Extra“.

The challenger wants us to show pictures which includes a little something in them.

Here are three photos of the same theme that has got a little something slipped into the  pictures.

We were walking on the dam of the Plover Cove reservoir which was formed by building a dam in the sea and pumped the water dry on one side.

So, on one side, you have the side and on the other side, you have the fresh water reservoir.CIMG1924

The reservoir, when constructed in the 60s,¬†was the world’s first¬†fresh water lake¬† reclaimed from an arm of the ocean.CIMG1957

The reservoir  is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong in terms of area, and the second-largest in terms of volume (holding  230 million m3). Its main dam was one of the largest in the world at the time of its construction, cutting off Plover Cove  from the sea. One main dam and three service dams were built to shut the cove off from the sea. The cove was then drained and was converted into a fresh water lake.CIMG1923

The construction of the reservoir was an engineering feat. The dam of the Reservoir is 28m tall and approximately 2 km long. Our plan was to walk from one end of the dam to another and then retrace our footsteps on our way back.

When photographing the sceneries, dragon flies got into the pictures.

They are small, but they flew close to the lens, they were magnified and looks big relative to the other features in the picture..