North East New Territories, Hong Kong

Woke up this morning and was delighted to find it was a beautiful day.

Quickly decided that we should go for a bit of walking in the country side; we drove for about 30 minutes in the NE direction to the New Territories, as usual, stopping by  “our” island of little egrets near Luk Keng. The view was so lovely, with blue sky, white clouds and clam waters.

Got our crappy but handy camera out and took a couple of shots. The place looked so peaceful and calm, in big contrast with the urban areas.

There are adverse comments about the air quality in Hong Kong and it was even claimed that this is driving some of the talents away from this Special Administartive Region; rendering it less competetive. Here, we couldn’t find any evidence of air quality problems.

In the minds of many people, including tourists, HK is a modern vertical city with many modern skyscrapers, heavy traffic, miles and miles of boutique shops and mega shopping malls. It is true that the developed areas are quite crowed ( even by world’s standard), but once you leave the developed areas, you are out onto a country park, a beach or even some secluded areas.

The area we stopped by is close to the Mainland China / Hong Kong border. It was evident that the area on the HK side has been left bascially untouched by dvelopment. Here we spent some time looking at the little egrets far out on the island.

As planned, we walked up to a small raw water reservoir known as Liu Shui Heung. While walking up the hillside path, we were so impressed the green and lush sub-tropical surrounding.

Hiking to the top, we reached this little reservoir which is a small body of water surrounded by trees and shrubs on all three sides. I have always like hiking up to this reservoir as it reminds me of beautiful and serene Lake Barrine in northern Australia.

We strolled to the very end of the reservoir and were awed by the sight of the reflections of the trees in the water.

Continued on, we went to Hoi Ha, a marine conservation area. Our walk took us past a bay where we have a lovely view of a lonely yacht.

Further walk brought us to Hoi Ha beach where people enjoyed all sorts of activities on the beach.

On the beach were some rowing boats. They brought back fond memories of youth when I enjoyed rowing and maybe, also singing ” Michael Row the Boat Ashore” when heading back from the sea.

We were happy that we have yet another fine and sunny day and that we have done our daily physical exercise, which is important when one retires.