The Love Bridge at Annecy

How romantic!

The bridge at the end of the river Le Thiou where  it finally meets Lake Annecy,  is known as Pont des Amours (or the Bridge of Love).dscf1119a

Supposedly, it is a magical little spot where legend says that anyone you kiss might just be with you forever!

I wasn’t there at the right time of the day ( it looks very romantic with the lights on in the evening) and could not afford to stay any longer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow ( Alleys of Annecy )

I have uploaded some posts on Narrow Alleys; namely, of Dubrovnik, Split, Szentendre etc.

I found narrow alleys fascinating.DSCF1084

You never know what they lead to; you never know what is at the end of the alleys.

The alleys in Annecy are fascinating, to say the least.DSCF1086

The medieval buildings on either side of the alleys are usually pastel colour and nicely matched.

Walking along the alleys is like walking back in time.DSCF1085

You just go deeper and deeper in history.



The Annecy Picture

I like to ask myself the question:

If there is one picture you want to nominate for a place, which picture would you choose?

This is the picture I would choose for Annecy, France.

It was a sunny day when we walked the banks of the Annecy waterway.CIMG1585A

Although the waterway is man made, I like how the boats lined up and moored.

Trees flanking both sides of the river bank and that classical footbridge which spanned the river.

These give me the sense of the place.

This surely is my ultimate impression of Annecy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Annecy in Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

We had a good walk around the gardens at Annecy, France.DSCF1020A

Here are a couple of causal pictures which were taken during Spring.

They show how lovely Annecy can be around that time.DSCF1017A

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Annecy )

Your eyes haven’t been deceived.

The door is not vertical, it is slanted from right to left.

While we strolled the medieval city of Annecy in France, we noticed this unusual door.DSCF1087

I must admit I could have taken a more interesting picture which shows the door to be more slanted, but I didn’t.

I haven’t seen the door in an open position, I suppose such doors are more difficult to open / close!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange ( Annecy)

A picture which is completely Orange may not highlight the color.

Here is a photo taken in Annecy, France.DSCF1051A

With the waterway, the reflection and the swans in another color, I think the orange color of the medieval building walls stand out.

It is a peaceful painting too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Annecy)

For this picture, I focused mainly on the right bottom quadrant.

We had a relaxing time strolling the banks of the waterway in Annecy, France.DSCF1059

My eyes were caught by the bright flowers along the bank.

In this photo, I also captured the reflection of the medieval buildings built alongside the waterway.

Please enjoy🙂