Weekl Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Flowers 2 )

This week’s DP challenge is Tiny.

Photographing flowers with big petals gives you a lot of amazing details.

However, I also like photographing small flowers too.img_1860

The photo shows tiny white flowers spread all over the place.

The picture was captured in my morning hike of a nearby hill this Spring.

So beautiful!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny ( Frogs )

This week’d DP challenge is Tiny.

This picture was taken by my sister in law in Botswana, Africa.

The frog is tiny when compared to a twig.dscf1680

As a small boy, I have seen and in fact captured some of the tiny frogs known as Romer’s frogs.

They are now an endangered species, specifically found in some areas of Hong Kong.

They are so tiny that they are no more than an inch big.michaellau_romerstreefrog04_1

Here is a picture of this frog taken by Michael Lau of WWF to whom credit is due.

The intention of posting is to make aware that, some and in fact more, of the animal species are disappearing.

The Light that Shone Through the Swamp

Photography is about the capture of light.

This picture was taken locally when I had a first glimpse of light after walking through a wooded area towards a swamp.cimg1827

I have processed it to remove most of the colors.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

This week’s photo challenge is Chaos.

No doubt, we are living in a chaotic world.

Many of the chaos are generated because of a difference in political, social, racial factors.img_9517

Here is a photo taken about this time two years ago when there was an “Occupy Central” movement in Hong Kong.

The photo shows a chaotic situation with lots of policemen, protesters and reporters.

City of a Million Lights

Hong Kong is very picturesque at night.

The place is lit up after dark; the many tall buildings with lights clustered together produce a fantastic sight.e5d9a4e5c125a7248992721bfb419a01

Here is a picture post in a local newspaper Mingpao to which credit is due.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine (HK Sunset )

I have always liked the sunset in Langkawi, Malaysia and have posted on this subject.

However, that doesn’t mean that the sunset here in Hong Kong is not beautiful.12356917_1218296524854152_628836955429126474_o

I went out in a boat recently and toke this picture on our way to the outlying islands..

This may be the best sunset picture I have ever taken!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Morning Walk )

I have always enjoyed my morning walks in the woods.

The air was fresh and the sun has just come up.cimg2911

We walked by the edge of the Liu Shui Heung reservoir in the New Territories of Hong Kong until we reached this pavilion.

The light momentously shone through the clouds and the trees.

What was revealed before us was glorious!