Seven years of Blogging – How do I end Up with 12,539 Followers!

I didn’t know what a blog is when I actually started blogging in January 2012; after retired for six months.

A friend of mine introduced me to it; saying she has a Chinese blog on WordPress and I just followed suit.

My followers started building up in the second or third year of blogging.

Honestly, I do not know how  come I now have 12,539 Followers.

My readership has increased; but not at the rate that it used to be in the first few years. I suspect part of the reason is that blogging is getting out of fashion.

Paddling with single Leg in Myanmar – this is a photo of a Commercial

In the last three years, I didn’t put much effort into the blog as mom’s care came as the priority ( over everything else). I ended not writing anything but just posted my travel photos.

I am sure that I do not have 12,539 Followers.

Only around 20 people comment on my posts every now and then.

Only around 70 people give me Likes on my posts regularly.

Everyday, there are only 200-350 Views.

Quite a few of my “Followers” are running their own commercial websites. What they want is that someone will click on their sites when they “Like” my posts. I hope, in fact, they are not robots.

I also believe that some of the readers Have Followed my site but no longer currently; nevertheless, they are recorded as Followers.

In fact, I don’t mind how many Followers I am having, I will just go on posting things I like posting until one day I get tired of it or no longer capable of even typing or posting something.

Right now, I just hope everybody reading this to have a Happy and Healthy Year of the Pig!



Progress with my Chinese Calligraphy

I started my Chinese calligraphy lessons a year after my retirement.

I know nothing about it at the time. My first teacher taught me all the basics of using the brush, what paper and ink to buy, how the signatory words are to be added, what seals are to be used, how the words / columns are to be structured etc.

For three years, I have been learning several styles of writing from him. I have also imitated hundreds of writings by famous historical and contemporary calligraphers and sometimes making up my own writings.

Some styles of writings demand writing it in a formal manner, a rigid or regal manner, some in a flowing manner. More recently, I like the cursive style of writing. I learn that the words should be a mixture of big and smaller characters, of light and bold characters and that words should be visualized to be connected horizontally as well as vertical between the rows. What is more important is that the finished product must be attractive and likable to read.

Unfortunately, my mom was diagnosed to have incurable cancer four years ago. From that moment on, I was more occupied with caring for her and assisted in whatever possible manner. My calligraphy learning did not come to a stop; I still churned out all the required homework, but obviously, something was lacking – the heart and my concentration in practicing calligraphy was no longer there.

Now that I am progressively walking out of my grief period, I found that I started to have the concentration and the heart to do better calligraphy. Meanwhile, I have also found a new teacher whom I consider very attentive, artistic and have a deep knowledge of calligraphy and how it should be taught. I am happy that I found her.

Posted are three pieces of the same calligraphy written yesterday in cursive style. I have written them with slightly different character sizes and compactness; the results are somewhat different. It took me about 1.5 hours to write all three; I was trying which one works out better.

I have posted a few pieces previously. I just want you to know that I am still progressing – the learning will take forever, I am sure.