Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (2)

This week’s DP theme for the challenge is Path.

I have posted this photo before – under the theme of sunset.

In fact, this path led me to view one of the most wonderful sunsets I have ever seen in my travels.dsc_0017a

The view was so enticing as we wandered along this seaside board walk in Langkawi, Malaysia.

A brilliant sun set was waiting for us when we turned the corner of this path.

It was a path to a sunset.


Three Islands

I always find it pleasing to gaze out the sea with a few islands dotting on the horizon.

These three islands in Langkawi certainly appeal to me.

They are all irregularly shaped.dsc_0338

I wondered for a while why they looked so different when they are at a small distance apart from each other, sharing the same environment.

I can only thank God for their creation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare ( Flower )

This week’s theme for photo challenge is Rare.

This flower is really rare and we have to travel to the country side to view it.

Actually, we have to pay a fee for viewing it.

We took a trip to the hill slopes in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia.CIMG0705

The flower, sometimes known as the Corpse Flower, is stinky.

It is the biggest flower on earth. The one we saw weighs over 10lbs, but there are others which weigh a lot more.

I am not sure you would like to get close to it in view of the smell!

weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Sunrise at Langkawi )

This was the first picture I took when I hastily come out of bed.

The sun has just risen above the distant hill.DSC_0385A

Everything else was still somewhat dark and monochromatic.

It promised another hot day was coming.

The Langkawi Picture

I am at a lost to know which picture I should upload to best show Langkawi, Malaysia.

The beaches in Langkawi are superb – white fine sandy beaches, pristine blue waters – what else can you ask for ?DSC_0096

The sunset at Langkawi is also breathtaking.

I don’t know how to pick between these two photos.dsc_0017A

They are dreamy pictures.

So, as a special circumstance, I am picking both of these pictures.