Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Milford Sound )

This week’s photo challenge is H2O.

This is what you see from a launch at Milford Sound, New Zealand.img_0044

An avalanche of water comes crashing down!

Picture was taken by my sister-in-law to whom credit is due.



Never thought of having more than 200 followers when I started this blog in 2011.

This morning, WordPress notifies me that I am having 11,000 followers – that’s incredible!

I am sure I don’t have 11,000 readers right now.

At one time or another, people may have clicked the Follow bottom. Some of them may have left or become inactive, some have to re-click the button again as WordPress tends to loose followers automatically on the way. They are recorded as new followers.img_0045

Here, I have to thank all my Followers who have been patiently and kindly following me – no matter whether the posts have been interesting, exciting or boring.

I am so glad that now I have blogger friends over the whole world!

Many thanks and have a blessed day.

The picture was taken in the Milford Track in New Zealand by my wife.

This additional posting today is also in response to the Photo Challenge of Mirror – mirror reflection in the water.

Flora and Fauna of Milford Sound

I am amazed at the number of rare species that one can found at Milford Sound, New Zealand.IMG_0032

Here are some photos taken by my wife during her travels last year.IMG_0042

Many of these species are unknown and unheard of by me.IMG_0009

They look amazing and make me all the more appreciative of the wonders of nature.IMG_0018

One just asks why such plants exist.

Milford Track

This is one of the stunning picture taken by my wife during her trip on the Milford Track.IMG_0022

I still have to make out what the green undergrowth is.

Given it is a Holiday Season, I am a bit lazy to research. Hope you will bear with me.


Just Another Photo from New Zealand

New Zealand is probably the country that is the first to welcome the arrival of Christmas 2015 and the first one to see the sun set on that day.image1 (4)

This photo was taken by my wife while travelling in NZ.

Merry Christmas!

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand is very photogenic, I guess wherever you point your camera, you have a great picture.image2

The picture was taken by my wife in the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand, on a day when they hiked for 8 hours.

I have never hiked for 8 hours continuous. To me, it is a big challenge.

Again, the clouds and the lake look fantastic!




Clouds over Lake Wanaka

Clouds have always been my favorite theme.

The sun was setting over Lake Wanaka in South Island, New Zealand.IMG_1152A

Beautiful clouds loomed over the mountains which were still topped with snow at this time of the year.

The picture was taken by my wife with a smartphone.