Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (6)

I like photographing footbridges which takes me from one side to another.

The path on this footbridge takes me over a stream into a wooded area.dscf3343

I knew I stepped into Autumn when I walked on the path.

The picture was taken in the hills of South Korea in my hiking.

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( is Fun For Children )

See this fountain.Water flowing and spraying.
Children playing in it, screaming and laughing.
Splashing and dipping, feet wading. 11037316_1054738214543318_7666546475893478235_n
Cheerful laughter can always be heard.
The fountain is a magical place for everyone to enjoy.
It is the place where we rediscover the simple moments when we are free.

Church of Immaculate Conception

I like taking photos of churches or cathedrals; especially those in Europe.

Both the interior or exterior of their architecture are so fine and beautiful; some of them look so majestic and grand too.LA 016

Here is a picture taken of the Immaculate Conception church, a simple structure,  in the old town of San Diego, USA.

A picture which I found from my archive; it is a picture taken with a first generation electronic compact camera.

Still, it looks not bad.


The Streets and Alleys of Baltic (9)

I will be doing a series on streets and alleys of the Baltic countries.

I have been to all the Baltic capitals which includes visiting of some of the UNESCO Heritage sites like Vilinus, Riga, Tallin etc.

What I found most interesting are the alleys and the streets which all have their own characteristics.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 028

I am not able to tell you exactly where those alleys and streets are; in my simple mind, they are my memorable parts of the Baltic.

I like the cobblestones, the quaint street, the colored walls on both sides of the alleys, the cafes along or encroached onto the roads, the crude masonry wall facing and last, but not the least, the friendly people.

They leave an undeletable part in my memory!

Willow – Down By the Salley Gardens

I have always been fascinated by willows, especially those planted near to the river or lake.
Understand that willows may have originated in the West and some of them were transplanted to the East.CIMG2781
As a secondary school student, I have enjoyed reading the book “The Wind in the Willows” although it doesn’t have a lot to deal with willows.CIMG2787
The view of the willows while punting in the River Cam of Cambridge is an unforgettable sight. Here are some pictures taken of willows.
The first two were taken in XiangShan Gardens in Beijing.DSCF2883
The third one was untaken in a garden while we were travelling in Yunnan – name now forgotten.
The fourth one was taken in a Chinese garden in Okinawa, Japan.
The next three were taken in the gardens of the West Lake, China.
Only recently that I know that Salley, as in the song Down By the Salley Garden,  in fact means willow.DSCF6349
It has been suggested that the location of the “Salley Gardens” was on the banks of the river at Ballysadare near Sligo where the residents cultivated trees to provide roof thatching materials. “Salley” or “sally” is a form of the Standard English word “sallow”, i.e., a tree of the genus Salix. It is close in sound to the Irish word saileach, meaning willow.DSCF6353
Hope you like the lyrics of the song too:
Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.
In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.
The penultimate photo was taken in a garden when we were on our way to Yunnan, China.DSC_0016
The view of the willows while punting in the River Cam of Cambridge is an unforgettable sight.
Unfortunately, I no longer have the photo.
Instead, I have a photo of willow taken at the Central Park, New York to conclude this post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light (Canyon)

This photo has three light zones.

The brightest part is on the left hand side, showing hills yonder with their shadows.

The middle zone showing the somewhat reddish rock with their many joints as a result of weathering.

The right hand zone is dark but still shows the rugged nature of the rock face.CIMG4055

It also shows the silhouette of my brother and sister in law walking under the overhanging rock.

The picture was taken by my wife while travelling in the South Western part of the States.

Altogether, it makes an interesting picture!