Don’t Reblog My Post

Please do not reblog my post.

Apologize for this; this is not to my liking.

The reasons for my decision include:

  1. There is a blog which reblogs almost all my posts, trying to duplicate mine.
  2. While some reblogs publish my avatar and link back to my site; other reblogs only have wordings which state the post was BY the reblogger ( with no mentioning of my site or provide a link back ) and I am only credited for the photo as a source – this is highly unsatisfactory.
  3. Some blogs now have lost the meaning, they do nothing other than reblogging other people’s posts, reblogging dozens of posts a day. I do not encourage this non creative form of blogging.
  4. Some shamelessly reblog ( content scrapping) every day dozens of post at no time immediately  after they are posted without really reading the posts – this is a disrespect to the original bloggers. Their only motive is to increase their popularity and boost their number of followers.
  5. There was one blog who used to reblog my posts onto his so that he can make money out of his advertisement.
  6. There is no control on the extent and how the reblog is done.

In my communication with one of the Rebloggers, he has declined not to reblog my posts.

Under this situation, I have no option but to remove the Reblog button from my blog.

In case there are posts you really like to reblog, please communicate with me and I will look into it.