Tuesday Photo Challenged: Abandoned

The weather is getting cooler and it is the right time for hiking.

Last Sunday, we went for hiking in the northern part of Hong Kong, close to the border with mainland China. While we saw some beautiful scenery, we also came across some abandoned or collapsed houses.

This abandoned house with banyan tree roots all over the walls really stunned us. For a moment, I was reminded of what I saw in Ta Prohm, Cambodia – the taking over of the temple ruins by the giant roots!CIMG3533

All I could see were three tree stumps on top of the roof; apparently, the trees trunks had been cut off and the roots were left to wither.

The house was built of stones before WWII and had a coat of plaster on the outside. Some of the plaster have now peeled off, leaving the inside exposed.

I couldn’t help wondering what had happened to those who lived in the house – why did they abandon the house and where had they gone; anything to do with roots???

WPC: Abandoned and CFFC: Sepia Tones

This is an attempt to submit one photo for both photo challenges of this week : the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones.

I have posted this photo before as a color photo. The image shows an abandoned house in the North East corner of Hong Kong.

While playing around with converting color photos to sepia tones, I find this converted photo to be more intriguing.CIMG3533A

The sepia shows the roots of the banyan trees and the wall in a more striking manner.

They just stand out from the picture!