Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Ghost Town)

Bodie in Calfornia is a town frozen in time in a “state of arrested decay”.

It is  originally a mining town from the late 1800’s.DSCF3541

What’s left today stands in a state of “arrested decay” and is maintained by the California State Parks System, who took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park.DSCF3527

It is a stunning experience to visit this town with many things reminding you of the past.

Abandoned houses, abandoned shops which still have something still displayed in the shop windows.DSCF3531

Abandoned cars which remind you that they were once in a good working condition.

Photographing abandoned houses in HK is one of my favorite activities; I enjoy going around photographing them.DSCF3580

These photos were taken by my wife while travelling in North California.

It is a trip I have sorely missed as I have to stay at home with more important things to deal with.

Hope I will have a chance to visit it one day.



Abandoned House

<This post contains 2 photos>

Abandoned houses have been one of my favorite subjects.

The following photos were taken in Pak Tam Chung in Hong Kong.

We went hiking in the rural areas of Saigon; have been walking for almost an hour into a forest area.CIMG5644

The light penetrated from the forest and revealed an abandoned and ruined hut.

Getting closer to it and walking towards the entrance, I took another picture.CIMG5643

Basically, there weren’t anything inside the hut.

Again, we have no idea as to how long it was abandoned and the reason behind the abandonment.


Abandoned Houses (Pak Tam Chung)

<This post contains 2 photos>

I have always been intrigued by abandoned houses ( please see my earlier posts).

Just a few weeks ago, we drove to Pak  Tam Chung in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong.CIMG5651

We hiked for over an hour. The area was quiet and quite secluded.

We walked past several abandoned houses.CIMG5659A

They were almost all covered by vines and wild flowers – a bit sad but still colorful.

Again, we wonder what has happened to the houses and the owners!

Abandoned House, Abandoned Cow

Those who have been following me may remember I have posted a series  on “Abandoned”.

Just yesterday, I revisited the place where there were abandoned houses and abandoned cows.

I took some pictures which I have not been able to take in my last visit – mainly because of accessibility and adverse lighting.

Here are the photos taken at a place known as “Chickens Under a Tree:, near to the border with Mainland, China.CIMG5630

The plants and vines have grown so much up on the roof, overwhelming the whole building.

Readers maybe surprised why this house is abandoned even though it looked quite new.

I wish I knew – the people once resided there has abandoned farming as local vegetables no longer have a market and they may even have emigrated.

You can see that vines have climbed up the gate on ground level too.CIMG5632

The second picture was taken at the beach where I have taken a similar photo with about 20 cows lying there last time.

This time, there is only a lone cow, just woke up and stood there on the beach.

Apparently, he was abandoned by his mates, but the whole flock was abandoned by the villages when they decided to abandon farming.

This cow has sand smeared all over its face, making it looked grotesque.

Nobody likes to be abandoned, it must be bitterly!


Abandoned House (2)

There are quite a few houses in the rural areas of the New Territories in Hong Kong which are abandoned.

In the last several decades, some people have abandoned their farm houses in response to the rapid urbanization of the city areas –  younger people have gone to the city where they could find jobs more readily.

Others have left to emigrate overseas, leaving their houses unattended.CIMG2454

My first post on abandoned house showed banyan tree roots all over the walls of the house. This one has a lot of vine climbing up the walls. The red timber door and Chinese style tiles remind us of a different era.

Abandoned houses are always intriguing as they pose the question why they were abandoned!