WPC: Structure – A Dilapidated Church in Greenland

I like photographing abandoned structures and there are quite a few of those in my blog.

Naturally, it begs the question as to the reason why they were abandoned.

The structures are exposed to the elements and the structures may have been abandoned after they fall into irreparable damages.

Or was it the other way round. The structures were abandoned because of other reasons and may have become dilapidated through no maintenance and remedial measures.

Here is a church constructed of stones in Greenland – you just wonder what has happened.

Photos taken by my wife Linda.


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( Abandoned Fish Pond )

Located in the northern part of the New Territories, Hong Kong is a fish pond which has been there for as far as I can remember.

It was a spot of great scenery and liked by many picnic goers.CIMG0428A

The fish pond has long since been abandoned as locally reared fishes are no longer competitive in prices.

This is a picture taken at one of the fish ponds.

Basically, it is abandoned; although it still has its beauty – it is more of melancholy or in a sad state.

That was how I saw it when I was last there.

The Abandoned Cabins at Bodie

I have seen pictures taken of the abandoned cabins at Bodie, South West of the States.

This one taken by my sister-in-law last year shows a cluster of cabins in a slightly different light.DSCF3541

Some of the roofs have a greyish- blue tint.

This makes the picture looks like a painting!

Abandoned Fish Pond

You may be surprised to learn that there were fish ponds in Hong Kong, rearing fishes for sale locally.

But these fish ponds have now gone, due to the changing economy rendering them no longer price competitive.

These fish ponds were located in the North-Western part of the New Territories. The more commonly known one is Nam Sang Wai.CIMG0427

Nam Sang Wai is bounded by two tidal rivers. After abandonment, it becomes a wetland.CIMG0428

The photos are shown here as black and white – these give a stronger feel of abandonment.CIMG0429

Birds came here for the winters; nearby residents would come and leisurely spend their time here.CIMG0430

Within this area, there are abandoned houses too.

Some abandoned boats can also be seen.

In recent years, the Government has approved this area to be developed into a low density housing zone. This is met with much objection from the environmentalists; so far, no plans have yet been approved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

This week’s WordPress weekly challenge is Abandoned.

Concurrently with this challenge is the A Word A Week Challenge: Frame.

Wherever you look in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, there is a feeling that the place was abandoned.

Here is an image which not only gives a sense of abandonment.  Within the picture, there is also a building frame allowing you to look further out from the ruins.DSC_0168

One of the reasons for taking this picture was that I was attracted by the stark contrast between the green color of the trees and the stony texture of the ruins, and within  the building frame, there was a man.

He seems to be either resting or crouching down for some reasons.

So, this seems to be a picture within a picture!