Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of the Adriatic Sea )

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Edge.

I came closest to the Adriatic sea when I traveled on Hvar Island, Croatia.dscf0610

Strolling round the edges of the island everyday was my favorite pastime.

I have never seen a sea that blue and water so clear and azure.

Gazing out to the sea gave me the serenity.dscf0472

The coastline with the local trees was so picturesque.

The weather was good with plenty of sunshine – an ideal place for a photographer.dscf0474

Here are some photos taken of the edges of the island.

Invariably, they have beautiful trees and plants complementing the beautiful coast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (Sea)

This week’s theme for Photo Challenge is Edge.

I like the edges to water.

This is the view in Dubrovnik over looking to the Adriatic Sea.dscf0802a

The very blue waters which pacify and cleanse my soul.

The edge to the sea is a promenade which is an ideal spot for looking to the sea or to the medieval town of Dubrovnik.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame ( Dubrovnik 2 )

This week’s photo challenge is Frame.

Many of my pictures taken in Dubrovnik are framed.

There are many picturesque views you see through small windows while walking the Dubrovnik seawalls.DSCF0923

Some of the architecture and arches appear to frame the subject so well too.

The picture was captured while walking the sea walls of Dubrovnik.

I would describe it as frame within frame.

It looks as if the old town and the sea was reviewed frame by frame.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s photo challenge is Threshold.

I don’t pretend to know what actually is a threshold; although I have used this term many times on a technical aspect.

This must be one of the more difficult themes that the Challenger has set; because of that, there are not as many submissions as on other themes.

The following picture , taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia is my interpretation of Threshold – whatever this may mean.DSCF0923

The picture takes you through a gap then outward to the blue Adriatic Sea.

Please enjoy ūüôā

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Travelling is our escape from the bustling city where we live.

What else can be better than an escape to the seaside of the blue Adriatic sea?

We escaped last year to the sunshine of Dubrovnik, Croatia – to the fortresses by the sea.

The medieval fortresses helped us cast our minds back many centuries, to a time when Dubrovnik was almost as strong as Venice.DSCF0746A

Gazing out to the enchanting blue Adriatic with the castle on our right, our minds escaped even further when we saw a boat speeding out to the open seas; a man rowing a small boat  leisurely near the castle waters and, sitting on the rocks of the rocky shore, was a man reading his book.

Sometimes, we would like¬†to escape, doing several things we like ¬†or to be at different places¬†we enjoy at the same time. . . . . .¬† speeding out to the blue sea, rowing leisurely and sitting quietly on the rocks by the seaside.¬†I know we can’t¬†physically escape immediately from where we are, but the mere thought of escaping already lightens me up!

PS  Please click on photo to enlarge as necessary.