Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow ( Alley of Szentendre )

This must be one of the narrowest alleys I have seen in Szentendre, Hungary.

I must admit there is nothing very interesting on both sides of the alley.DSCF0221

The alley, which is paved by cobblestones,  is located two blocks of housing and rises quite steeply too.

This must be a short cut for some of the residents.DSCF0219

Don’t be misled by this picture, many alleys in Szentendre are beautiful and interesting.

Please see the second picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Street of Dubrovnik)

This week’s photo challenge is Narrow.

I like narrow streets as you never know what lies at the end of the street or alley way.DSCF0974

The narrowness of the alley or street instills some mystical atmosphere.

Sometimes, it is more than mystical, it is a romantic link back to the distant past of the area.DSCF0722

Many times, it is not the alley that is interesting but the subject on the sides of the alley.

This could be old buildings, medieval churches , masonry walls of great heights.DSCF0888

Altogether, they make the pictures look interesting!

The Streets and Alleys of Baltic (7)

I will be doing a series on streets and alleys of the Baltic countries.

I have been to all the Baltic capitals which includes visiting of some of the UNESCO Heritage sites like Vilinus, Riga, Tallin etc.

What I found most interesting are the alleys and the streets which all have their own characteristics.Baltic Capitals 15-Aug-09 034

I am not able to tell you exactly where those alleys and streets are; in my simple mind, they are my memorable parts of the Baltic.

I like the cobblestones, the quaint street, the colored walls on both sides of the alleys, the cafes along or encroached onto the roads, the crude masonry wall facing and last, but not the least, the friendly people.

They leave an undeletable part in my memory!