Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( Ancestral Hall )

All Chinese ancestral halls are ornate, but not excessively so.

This picture was taken at a quiet corner of the ancestral hall at Lung Yeuk Tau, New Territories in Hong Kong.DSCF0442

I like all the decorations of the roof; the only thing I have reservation is the black wall tiling.

For most ancestral halls, the walls are made of “green bricks”. Maybe, they are no longer available, they are now replaced by the black tiled walls. What a pity!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Luk Keng, Hong Kong)

In my hiking, sometimes, I walked through the village of Luk Keng, before heading uphill.

Many a time, I passed by this ancestral hall which is beautifully adorned, with writings on all three sides of the door.CIMG5691

As for the Jie O one which I showed in another post, the doors have door guards, this time gold ain color.

And below the door guards, are a couple of lion door handles.

Wall – Lung Yuk Tau

Late last year, I had a good stroll around Lung Yuk Tau, in the rural northern part of Hong Kong.DSCF0438

There were many interesting sights; the most beautiful of which were the ancestral halls.

Here is an example of the beautiful walls to one of the ancestral halls.

I like the colorful tiles on the walls, the ridges of the tiled roofs and the eaves too.

Please enjoy ūüôā


Ancestral Hall at Luk Keng, Hong Kong

Just last week, we came across this ancestral hall in the Luk Keng Village during our hiking.

This hall is by no means exceptionally beautiful; it seems quite an ordinary ancestral hall to me.

However, the hall is newly renovated and was lit by Chinese lanterns during the Chinese New Year.

I have always been interested in such halls and I took  a couple of shots. You can see from these images that the place is much adorned.

Ancestral halls allow a window into Chinese history, they are a place of ancestor worship and local gods worship in Chinese culture. Ancestral halls are closely linked to the Confucian culture culture and the emphasis that it places on  filial piety.CIMG3711

Ancestral hall¬†exhibits a¬†unique type of Chinese traditional architecture. Be it the design, structure, decoration or spatial arrangement and organization, the ancestral halls embody Chinese traditional morals and rituals, as well as the philosophical underpinning of man’s kinship with nature. They serve functional, symbolic and expressive purposes, which appeal to visitors. It is indeed an important exemplification of the Chinese cultural system.CIMG3712

Ancestral hall is a pleasant blending of traditional Chinese official and vernacular architecture. It has both solemn ambiance and welcoming scale. It also richly embraces Chinese humanity, religion and philosophy.

Furthermore, ancestral halls are symbols of clan culture and internal cohesiveness as they are built with the concerted wealth and manpower of the whole clan. Ancestral hall is also a space of power which has built up through the dialogue and interaction amongst the nation, the region and the clan. As such, ancestral halls have rich historical, architectural, aesthetic and cultural values worthy of research.