Weekly Photo Challenge (Gathering of ?)

I don’t really know the common or scientific names of these animals in English.CIMG1017

They are definitely not the racoons which I like.

Here is a gathering of these interesting animals in the ChimeLong Park, China.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Giraffes & Lions)

My mind has been wandering off from photos to poems and calligraphy.

I think I better go back on track to feature photos for this week’s Photo Challenge.CIMG1087

I have seen many giraffes gathering together.

However, I have chosen this photo as it not only shows a gathering of these and other animals but also a tranquil place with a placid pond.

The picture was taken in the ChimeLong Safari Park, China.

The second picture was taken also in ChimeLong.CIMG1083

It shows a den of lions.

You can also say it is a gathering of lions.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure (Eye to Eye)

<This post contain 7 photos>

This week’s challenge is Adventure.DSCF3002

My sister-law- law should be the one who present her photos here after having been to an adventure in Botswana and nearby countries.DSCF2526

People who like to adventure may not necessary like to write and, of course, vice versa.DSCF2460

Here are some photos which will give you some idea of real adventures when you meet these animals eye to eye in a natural environment.DSCF1959

These wild animals and their eyes may just make you shiver.DSCF1476

I am glad that I didn’t take these pictures.DSCF0305

But equally, I feel that I have lost the opportunities to be in close proximity to these interesting animals.DSCF0909

Anyway, my thanks to all the images provided by Jennie!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Where we live, Summer is long, especially so with the global warming.

It seems we only have two seasons, Summer and Winter!

From where I live, it overviews a green slope with many banana and longan tress – a place where animals like monkeys would like to visit.CIMG5609

This morning, I was amazed to see some monkeys coming out for their Summer outing. There is an electric wire stretching from pole to pole.CIMG5599

This is the favorite place where the big and small monkeys would like doing their acrobat. They would like to walk on the wire from one end to the other.CIMG5610

They have a good sense of balance. Sometimes they just dangle off from the wire, playing around with the other small monkeys.CIMG5608

This morning the mother monkey sat on the longan tress for over 10 minutes , eating the longan – the fruit is ripe and sweet at this time of the year.CIMG5600

She just sat there, eating and eating while the smaller monkeys would walk to and fro on the wire.CIMG5601

Performing their acrobatic act, dangle off the wire with one hand and somersault  down onto the trees below.

One photo here shows a baby monkey dangling off the wire, playing around with another baby monkey who offered its hand, gripping on the other’s leg.

So, it is Summer.

A season for playing around and eating for the monkeys!CIMG5603

Well, they never seem to have any worries for not having enough food.

So, it is a season of Summer lovin’ and having fun – monkeys love Summer too!CIMG5604

PS The photos are not particularly sharp, as they were taken with my compact camera which is the only camera I have with a zoom. The movements of the monkey and the vibration of the wire all add to the blur.