Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Jellyfish )

The jellyfish looks weightless when floating in water.CIMG5225

The following is extracted from a website known as Marine Science Today which I think is very interesting for reading:

Did you know that jellyfish have been orbiting Earth since the early 90s? To study the effects if weightlessness, NASA launched into space 2,487 jellyfish polyps that eventually became more than 60,000 jellies. The end goal of the experiment was to see how the jellyfish developed without gravity and how they would respond once back on Earth. Jellyfish were used because they, like humans, orient themselves according to gravity. It turns out that the space jellies didn’t develop that gravity-sensing abilities and they had trouble getting around once back in gravity.DSCF9921

Read more: http://marinesciencetoday.com/2013/10/21/jellyfish-raised-in-space-dont-like-gravity/#ixzz3xCnMpuFF

Here are some photos taken by my wife in the Monterrey Aquarium in 2014.DSCF9939

I didn’t know that they don’t like gravity.

They are just amazing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy (Fish)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

This was how I felt when I took this photo in the aquarium at Okinawa, Japan.DSC_0204

The stripes, the fragile fins, the eyes, the lack of motion of the fish altogether gave me a creepy feeling when the blue light in the aquarium shone through the Lion fish.

Jellyfishes at Monterey Aquarium, USA (1)

For the following Saturdays (my time), I will be showing a series of jellyfishes.CIMG5227

These pictures were taken by my wife earlier this year as part of her visit which involved travelling 5400 miles in the National Parks of the South West and a return trip from Las Vegas back to San Francisco via the Pacific Highway.

The jellyfishes at Monterey Aquarium are just fascinating!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (Okinawa)

This perhaps is my most liked image on Silhouette.

The image was taken in the aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.DSC_0211

The objects of the photos are not just the fishes swimming happily in the aquarium but also the visitors who appear as silhouettes against the blue aquarium waters.

Just from the silhouettes, it is clear that the visitors were having an enjoyable moment – pointing fingers at the passing stingrays or getting the fishes photographed with their mobiles or cameras.

I also had an enjoyable moment there getting both the fishes and the visitors photographed.

Well, everybody was preoccupied and having fun!



5400 Miles in USA (Monterey Bay Aquarium)

There are so many good photos that I can choose from my wife’s photos for the US trip; sometimes, I just don’t know which ones to pick.

There are some photos which document her experience in the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) that I find interesting.

I have been to quite a few aquarium but I have never been able to photograph jelly fishes and the like successfully.CIMG5159

The following is the Wiki’s introduction to MBA:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) was founded in 1984 and is located on the site of a former sardine cannery on Cannery Row of the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Monterey, California, United States. It has an annual attendance of 1.8 million visitors. It holds thousands of plants and animals, representing more than 600 species on display. The aquarium benefits from a high circulation of fresh ocean water which is obtained through pipes which pump it in continuously from Monterey Bay.

The photos can even be a starter of a sub-series on their own.

Here is a photo which I like – there are so many tentacles!